DSC_3554Curiosity for materials and stubborness are driving forces which have led me to knit with unusual materials. My exam project PROUD builds on tradition and stretches boarders.

Putting thoughts into shapes through the work of my hands. Crafting. Expressing. Visualizing. A creative, artistic process in search for expressing an attitude and posture, proud and upright.

Starting point was a knitted collar out of paper yarn, I made during the autumn semester of 2015. For the exam project I wanted to continue working with the feeling of the collar gave me when carrying it.

For my exam project I decided to work with shaping material on a full size mannikin. The process was open as I developed the design during working with the material. Sketching with the material, with pencil, and trying out combinations and shapes. Working with the material paper yarn and felted woool with techniques as knitting, crocheting and braiding my process led to the object PROUD, in the pictures above.

Below pictures from the work process.